Introduction of VRFP
Visiting Research Fellow Program
The QIIR offers a Visiting Research Fellow Program (VRFP) to engage domestic and international experts in undertaking research at the Institute. Applications for Visiting Research Fellow Program are accepted on an ongoing basis and are considered by the Selection Committee of the Institute once every quarter. Visitors are classified as either a Senior Research Fellow (SRF) or a Research Fellow (RF) based on the decision of the Selection Committee with the main criteria being the scholars’ academic status and experience. The normal period of residence of Research Fellows at the Institute is anywhere from one to four months. Research Fellows are expected to undertake research in line with the objectives of the Institute. Currently, the Institute is most interested in 
(1) Global financial development issues in relation to China/Asia; 
(2) Macroeconomics of growth, development and regional integration; 
(3) Microeconomics of capital and financial market innovations; 
(4) China’s financial internationalization and outward investment; 
(5) The development of logistics, IT, and professional/technical support as modern services; 
(6) Other areas related to modern service industries.
Successful applicants hold a doctoral degree in the relevant subjects and have a good publication record in international refereed journals. Each research fellow is expected to produce a research paper within three months after the visiting period, and to give a public lecture or seminar at the Institute or to speak at an event hosted by the Institute. The research paper will be included in the Institute’s Working Paper Series and the author may later submit it for publication in academic journals with due acknowledgement to the Institute. 
The QIIR provides financial support for visitors in this program: 
(1) A monthly allowance (US$2500 for Senior Research Fellow and US$1000-1500 for Research Fellow);
(2) Round trip expenses to Shenzhen;
(3) Housing in Shenzhen;
(4) Office space at the Institute;
(5) Some research assistance.
The application form can be downloaded here. Applicants are requested to send the completed form with the attachment of a 3-4 page research proposal, stating the background, research issues/questions, methodology, date requirements and sources, deliverables, time frame for study, and references, and a detailed curriculum vitae to the QIIR.  Email:
VRFP Application Form