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QIIR Website Member Registration Agreement (Free Trial)


Dear users:

Welcome to become the member of QIIR by means of registration. Please read the agreement of this registration carefully prior to the registration thereof, especially the part marked with red. You must completely agree upon all following clauses if you want to be a QIIR member.


Article IConfirmation and acceptance of terms of member service

Users of the QIIR (Qianhai Institute for Innovative Research of Shenzhen, China) official website who register as members can enjoy the benefits included in membership both on the website and offline. The ownership of the online products involved in the service and the intellectual property rights of relevant software and works of this Website shall be owned by QIIR. The scope of effectiveness of the service terms covers all products and online and offline service of QIIR. The user shall be subject to this Agreement in case that he/she enjoys any single service of QIIR.

The registered member understands and agrees that a registered member has already accepted this Registration Agreement as well as all kinds of service rules released by QIIR (including filling the true name, contact information, etc.) and is willing to be restricted thereby. In case of any dispute, the registered member shall not defend with the excuse of having not carefully read them.

When the user uses all individual services of this Website, the act of the user’s using the website shall be deemed as his/her acceptance of the service terms of the individual service and all kinds of announcements issued under the individual service of this Website.


Article II       Brief introduction to the website service

The official website of QIIR is The official website of QIIR is divided into “seven columns on the top and four columns at the bottom,” a total of eleven columns, fully covering the basic information, business types, research results and latest news of the research institute. Our principle is to provide excellent and customized information service for users.

The membership allows the user the rights and benefits as listed:

Individual Membership

1)      Full access to QIIR working papers ;

2)      Access to full version of some completed research reports;

3)      Reserved seats for QIIR events;

4)      10% discount on event fees;

5)      Members’ newsletter;

6)      Advanced notification of upcoming events;

7)      Audio or video recordings and transcripts from past events;

8)      Custom gift courtesy of QIIR.

Organizational Membership

1)      Up to THREE reserved event registration seats;

2)      Potential opportunity to become the guest speaker or panelist;

3)      Listing of company name and website on the QIIR official website under “Networking”;

4)      Custom gift courtesy of QIIR.


The user shall:

(1) provide equipment, including such online devices as personal computer and modem demodulator.

(2) the individual shall assume any telecommunication fee produced from his/her own surfing the Internet.

Considering the importance of the product services provided by QIIR, the user agrees that

(1) he/she shall provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information.

(2) he/she shall constantly update new registration materials and comply with timely, detailed and accurate responses to requirements. All original entered materials shall be referred as registered materials.

In addition, QIIR shall not arbitrarily publish the name, address, email address and account of the user, except that

(1) the user requires this Website or authorizes somebody to disclose these information via email service.

(2) the user releases or discloses these information on this Website forum or other public media.

(3) this Website is required to provide the individual information of the user by corresponding laws, rules and regulations.

If the information provided by the user is not accurate, true, legal and valid, this Website shall retain the right to terminate all kinds of service for the user of this Website. 

The user shall agree to accept all kinds of information service provided by QIIR while enjoying all kinds of services provided by QIIR.


Article III      Revision of the member clause

QIIR has right to change this member clause and the relevant clauses of all individual service. While enjoying the individual service, the user shall timely consult and understand the revised contents, and is conscious of this service and the relevant clauses of such individual service.


Article IV      Amendment to the service

This Website shall retain the right to revise or suspend any service at any time, without notifying the user. The user accepts this Website’s exercising the right to revise or suspend the service, and this Website needs not be responsible for the user or any third party. 


Article V              Password and privacy protection

We undertake that your personal information and privacy and safety shall be granted special protection. The limit of authority of accessing to the personal information is restricted to the person who needs to visit the Website to complete his/her work.

This Website shall not disclose any personal information of the user to any third party without the authorization of the visitor; however, this Website shall not assume any legal liabilities except for the following occasions:

(1) provide personal information to relevant unit at the request of the law enforcement unit or

for the purpose of the public.

(2) the leakage of any personal information has been caused for the reason that you has made the user’s password to other person or shared the registered account with others.

(3) the leakage, loss, being stolen or tampered, etc. of any personal information caused by such force majeure events which affect the normal operation of the Internet as the intrinsic defects of the computer, hacker attack, penetration or breaking out of computer virus or the temporary closure caused by the government regulation.

(4) any leakage of personal information and any legal dispute or consequence has been caused thereby due to the linkage of this Website with other websites.

(5) to avoid any urgent dangers to the visitor with respect to life, body or property.

(6) this website will link with other website, but it shall not be responsible for the privacy policies and contents of other website.

Once a member successfully registers, he/she will become the legal registered member of QIIR. The user can change the password as per requirements at any time. The registered member will shoulder all liabilities for the name of the registered member and the safety of the password. Separately, each registered member shall be responsible for all events and activities conducted under the name registered. In the registered member finds any illegal use of the account of the registered member, or any security hole, please notify this Website immediately. 

If you voluntarily become member of QIIR, it means that you authorize this Website to provide you with information service, you have formed the business delegation relationship with this Website and you agree that this Website can get access to your personal information from relevant units or government competent authorities for the requirement of provision of service. You accept that this Website can store your personal information, or release some information with the authorization of the government competent authorities or relevant units, but these acts will constitute no infringement of your personal privacy.


Article VI      Rejection to any provision of any guarantee and disclaimer

The user expressly agrees that any risk in the use of the service of QIIR shall be borne by the user. QIIR expressly discloses that no guarantee of any kind will be provided, whether expressed or implied, to the extent of any implied guarantee for commercial purpose and any proper guarantee for some particular purpose and without violation of relevant provisions. QIIR shall not guarantee that the service can definitely satisfy the requirements of users, nor shall it guarantee that no interruption will occur, nor shall it guarantee for the timeliness, safety, authenticity of the service, or occurrence of errors therein. QIIR refuses to provide any guarantee for the accurate, timely and smooth transmission of information. The user shall understand and accept that any information obtained through downloading or any product and service of QIIR shall be determined by the user, and any damage of system, loss of materials or any other risks shall be borne by the user.

Article VII     Limited liability

QIIR shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequent damages, which arise from illegal use of product service, online purchase of commodities or similar service, transaction online, illegal use of service or any change to the information transmitted by the user. All of these damages will cause negative consequences for QIIR; therefore, QIIR has raised the possibility of such damage and does not condone such actions.


Article VIII   Storage and restriction of the information on the forum in this Website

This Website shall not be responsible for the failure in the deletion or storage of the released information by the user. This Website shall retain the right to judge whether the act of the user is in compliance with the requirements and spirit of the service terms of this Website. If the user is in breach of the provisions of the service terms, this Website can suspend the service account. On the forum of this Website, whether the information is the original information by the user or the work reprinted with the authorization of the copyright owner, the act of the user’s uploading thereof means that the user or the copy right owner represented by the user as agency authorizes this Website to enjoy the irrevocable and permanent right to use and get earnings from the uploaded work; meanwhile, this Website is not responsible for any adverse consequence caused by the intellectual property right of any materials uploaded by the user; instead, they shall be for the user’s liability.


Article IX      User management

The user shall independently assume liability for released contents. The user’s use of the service is based on the local laws, national laws and international law standards. The user undertakes that:

1. This Website shall comply with relevant laws in China in the release of information or use of the service of this Website. No making, duplication, release or transmission of the following information shall be conducted on the web pages of this Website or any use of the service of this Website:

(1) the information which is against the basic principles as confirmed by the Constitution;

(2) the information which endangers the national security, leaks the national secret, overturns the state power and damages the national unification;

(3) the information which damages the national reputation and interests;

(4) the information which incites the national hatred, ethnic discrimination and damages the national unity;

(5) the information which damages the national religious policy and propagates heresies and feudalistic superstition;

(6) the information which spreads rumors, disturbs the social order and damages the social stability;

(7) the information which spreads any contents associated with obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence and terrorism or subornation;

(8) the information which insults or smites with the tongue or infringes the interests of other people;

(9) the information with other contents which are prohibited by the laws, rules and regulations.

2. Any release of information on the web pages of this Website or use of the service of the same shall comply with the laws and rules of relevant countries or regions, as well as the relevant provisions of the international laws.

3. The user shall not engage in any of the following activities by using the service of this Website:

(1) enter the computer information network or use the computer information network resources without proper approval.

(2) delete, revise or increase the computer information network functions without property approval.

(3) delete, revise or increase any of the data and applications stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network without proper approval.

(4) intentionally make or transmit any destructive programs such as computer virus.

(5) other act of damaging the computer information network safety.

4. The user shall not disturb in any form the service provided by this Website.

5. The user shall comply with the other provisions and programs of this Website.

The user shall be legally liable for any of its acts of using the services provided by QIIR, with the form of its assumption of such legal liabilities including, but not limited to, the compensation for the victim; and QIIR shall firstly assume the administrative penalty or damages caused by the tortuous conduct, then the user shall give the compensation of the same amount to QIIR. The user understands that if QIIR finds that the information being transmitted by it is obviously one of the contents listed in Clause 1 of Article IX, then QIIR is obligated to stop the transmission thereof immediately in accordance with the Chinese laws, store the relevant records, report to the relevant organs of the State, and delete the address, catalogue of such contents or close the server.

The user shall comply with the provisions of this Article in its acts in association with the information release conditions of the forum service of this Website.

If the act of the user does not meet the above-mentioned service terms, QIIR will make its own independent judgment and cancel the user service account.


Article X              End of service

The user or QIIR can suspend the service at any time based on the actual situation. QIIR has right to unilaterally suspend the provision for the user with one of multiple kinds of service without notifying the user. If the user selects to become a paying member (ordinary member or senior member) of this Website, then the postponement or termination of the service shall be subject to the special service agreement accepted by the user.

Upon the end of user service, the user’s right to use the service of this Website shall be immediately terminated. From then on, QIIR will not assume any obligations for the user.


Article XI      Notification

All notices may be sent to the user via email, regular letter, or by means of placing an announcement on the marked position on the website. This Website will send its news to the user by one of the above-mentioned means, informing them of any amendment to the service terms, service changes or other important matters.


Article XII     Participation in the advertising planning

The user can incorporate any promotional materials in its released information or participate in advertisement planning with the permission of QIIR. Any such promotional methods, such as the descriptions relevant to the transportation of cargoes, payment, service, commercial conditions, guarantee and advertising only occur between the corresponding users and the advertisement sellers; QIIR shall assume no liability therefor; and QIIR has no obligation for assuming any liability for such advertising sales.


Article XIII   Ownership of contents

The definition of the contents include texts, software, sounds, photos, records and graphs; all contents in the advertisement; all contents in the email system and the commercial contents provide to the user by the forum of this Website. All these contents shall be owned by QIIR, and protected by ownership laws with respect to copyright, trademarks, labels and other property; therefore, the user can only use such contents with the authorization of QIIR and shall not arbitrarily duplicate, remake, or create any derivative products relevant to such contents.


Article XIV   Laws

The user and QIIR reach a consensus that any dispute arising from this Agreement and the use of service of this Website shall be submitted to the arbitration for settlement; but QIIR has the right to select the form of action and the court of jurisdiction therefor. In case of any contravention between any service terms and the laws, these terms shall be re-interpreted in the way as near as possible to the original meaning, while the remaining terms shall be have the legal effect and influence on the user.


Article XV     Storage and security of the information of the service contained in the membership of this Website

QIIR shall do its best to maintain the safety and convenience of the service shared by its users, but shall assume no liability for any failure in the deletion or storage of any information occurring in the service; in addition, we reserve the right to judge whether the act of the user is in compliance with the requirements of the service terms of QIIR. If the user violates any provisions of the service terms of the membership, its membership service account will be suspended.


Article XVI   Special warning for juvenile users

The juvenile users shall comply withthe National Internet Civilization Convention for Teenagers; they shall make good use of the Internet for studying; they shall not browse any improper information; they shall communicate with others in a sincere and friendly manner; they shall not insult or cheat others; they shall increase the awareness of self-protection; they shall not date other netizen voluntarily; they shall maintain the network security; they shall not undermine the Internet order; they shall do anything favorable to their body and mind; and they shall not indulge in the virtual time and space.


Article XVII  Jurisdiction and applicability of laws

The establishment, implementation, and interpretation of this Agreement as well as the dispute arising therefrom shall applicable to the Chinese laws.

If the service terms of this Website contravene the Chinese laws, such terms shall be re-interpreted in full compliance with the laws and rules, while the other legal terms shall remain their legal effect and influence on the registered members.

The provisions of this Agreement are divisible. If any provisions of this Agreement are ruled as ineffective or unenforceable, then such provisions can be deleted, while the remaining ones can be implemented.

In case of any dispute in the contents of this Agreement or the performance thereof, both parties shall do their best to solve it in a friendly manner. In case of failure in the negotiation therefor, either party can refer such dispute to the People’s Court where this Website is located for settlement.


Article XVIIIInterpretation

In case of any discrepancy in the understanding of any terms in this Agreement, the interpretation made by QIIR shall prevail.

In case that any contents of this user agreement become void or unenforceable in whole or in part due to any reasons, the remaining contents of this user agreement shall remain effective and has the binding effect upon all parties hereto.

You are free to choose to become member of this Website and accept any service provided thereby. If you cannot accept the above terms, you are not recommended to register. The successful registrant can send email to the email address of the administrator of for request for the cancellation of such membership.

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