About QIIR
The Qianhai Institute for Innovative Research (QIIR) was established in July 2014 in Qianhai, Shenzhen as an independent, non-profit, private think tank engaging in public policy studies. Qianhai was designated by the Chinese Central Government in 2010 as a Qianhai-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperative Zone. Since then Qianhai has been given a unique status in introducing innovative polices and industries under the guiding principles of internationalization, rule of law, and market economy. Qianhai therefore plays a key role in China’s strategy for a new phase of economic development, escaping from the middle-income trap. Specifically, Qianhai’s development of modern service industry is in line with China’s economic restructuring that emphasizes services in general, and modern services in particular. Also, Qianhai’s pilot role in financial innovations is essential for China’s further liberalization of its capital account and RMB internationalization.    
Our mission is therefore to conduct independent and innovative research on public policy pivoting on Qianhai’s modern service industry development with implications for China and the Asia Pacific region. Our studies are innovative in terms of topics chosen, methodologies employed and policy implications analysed. We shall provide intellectual input for policy-makers, serve the private sector with consultancy work and commissioned research, and generalize and disseminate the Qianhai experiences to other parts of China and the Asia Pacific region. We shall work closely with other think tanks in China and the world.
Our vision is to become a distinctive, world-class think tank producing quality research and innovative ideas for sustained and sustainable development in China and the world.
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