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Since our establishment in July 2014, we have completed the following research projects:
1. The Unification of the Financial Systems of Hong Kong and Qianhai
2. The First and Second Issue of Qianhai Cross-border Finance Index in 2015
3. Research Report in General Development & Challenge of Logistics Industry in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
    and Development of Logistics Industry in Qianhai
4. Research on the Operation Mode of Qianhai Market-oriented Think Tank
5. A Survey Research on Financial Literacy
6.The second of Qianhai Cross-border Finance Index in 2016
7. Research on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Correlations Indicators
8. Research on Professional Services in Qianhai 
In Progress:
1. Financing Issues on the Belt and Road Initiative
2. Digital Connectivity for the Belt and Road Initiative
3. Efficient use of information and communications technology
4. Research on the New Direction of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation under the National Strategy
5. Research on Innovative Cross-border E-commerce Regulatory Measures for the Guangdong Free Trade
    Zone (FTZ) to Increase the Efficiency and Transparency of Its Customs Clearance, Inspection and