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In terms of geographic areas, we shall undertake studies mostly on the Belt and Road region which covers over sixty countries in three continents.
In terms of research topics, we are currently most interested in the following subjects:
1. Global financial development issues in relation to China and Asia
2.Macroeconomics of growth, development, and regional integration
3.Microeconomics of capital and financial market innovations
4.China’s financial liberalization and internationalization issues such as RMB internationalization and outward investment
5.Development of modern service industry in China in general and in Qianhai in particular, and in cooperation with other economies and regions

Initially, our research will be undertaken in accordance with their geographic area and subjects under the auspices of three research centers:
1. Financial Innovation Research Center
2. The Belt and Road Research Center
3. Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Research Center

In addition to our permanent research staff, experts and scholars are invited to undertake research under the Visiting Research Fellowship Program.